Property Factor Reg No.  PF000114 

Ref No: 10001


D & I Scott Property Management were appointed to act as Property Managers for the above property by the majority of owners with effect from 1st March 1997.


D & I Scott Property Management will provide quality Management Services as follows:

(a)        Arrange and maintain a Common Insurance Policy as required by the Deed of Conditions, or as instructed by the co-owners.  A Summary of Cover will be issued to each insured owner at the commencement of management or where a new owner purchases a flat insured through us.  The full policy document can be downloaded from our website

(b)       Ensure that all necessary common repairs notified to us are instructed promptly.  Target times for repairs are as shown over in Note 1.  As factors for the property D & I Scott have delegated authority to instruct repairs up to a limit of £150 per flat.  We will instruct repairs up to a limit of £150 per flat except in certain circumstances where we reserve the right to collect funds in advance from the co-owners.  The limit will not apply in the case of emergency repairs e.g. underground burst pipes.  The limit will be reviewed annually.

(c)        Obtain 3 estimates for larger repairs likely to exceed £150 per flat.  Copies of the estimates will be circulated to all of the owners.  The owners will be required to pay for their share of the cost of the repair in advance.  We will instruct the work when we are in receipt of funds from all of the owners, or in certain circumstances at our discretion, when we are in receipt of funds from the majority of the owners.

(d)      Notify all owners of any large repairs required i.e. those repairs where we have obtained quotes costing more than £150 per flat.  We may also at our discretion advise owners of repairs costing less than £150 per flat.  In these circumstances the co-owners will be given the opportunity to object to the repair and where the majority of owners object then the repair will not be instructed.

(e)        Calculate the share of the costs of repairs due by each owner in accordance with the Deed of Conditions or by the agreement of the co-owners.  Your share of the cost for common repairs is 12.50 %.

(f)         Carry out inspections of the property with the aim of visiting each property a minimum of once every 2 years.  We carry out a visual inspection of the property, excluding the roof, attic and any area that is hidden or inaccessible, on an annual basis, subject to access on the day of visit.  Any minor repairs noted at the time of inspection may be instructed at our discretion.  We will instruct a contractor to clean the gutters and inspect the roof area at all properties on an annual basis, except where the majority of owners have indicated that they do not require this service.  If co-owners require a full survey of the property, which will incur an additional cost, we will instruct a surveyor once we have obtained the agreement of the majority of owners at the property.

Note 1.  We will always instruct repairs as soon as possible.  However, it must be appreciated that we instruct independent contractors to carry out repairs and we have no overall control over their timescales.  With that in mind we aim to achieve the following targets.

  1. Emergency repairs e.g. burst pipes causing flooding, within 24 hours
  2. Locks or door entry system repairs within 24 hours
  3. Minor repairs within 2 weeks
  4. Major repairs within 4 weeks of collection of all funds from owners


The Management Fee per property, with effect from 1st December 2018, will be £132.00 + VAT per annum.  The Management Fee is charged in arrears and may be paid quarterly on receipt of invoice or monthly by Standing Order.  The Management Fee will be reviewed annually on 1st December.  Invoices will be issued in February, May, August and November on or around the 20th of the month.  Invoices are issued quarterly in arrears and all repairs and services listed on the invoice will have been paid to the various contractors by D & I Scott by the end of the relevant quarter.  Invoices are payable upon receipt and payment methods are listed on the reverse of the invoice.

If an invoice remains outstanding for more than 28 days a reminder will be issued.  If one or more invoices remain outstanding for a period of 60 days after the issue of the invoice then we may apply an Administration Fee of £25.00 to each subsequent invoice issued until the debt is paid in full.  The level of the Administration Fee will be reviewed annually on 1st December.  Failure to pay invoices may result in the implementation of our debt recovery procedure, which is available on request, and may ultimately result in Legal Action being taken for recovery of the debt.  We will also register a Notice of Potential Liability on the property, which requires to be renewed every three years and which will remain in force until the debt is repaid in full. The debtor will be responsible for all costs associated with the Legal Action i.e. court dues, legal fees, the cost of the registration of the Notice of Potential Liability and any Sheriff Office’s fees.

If we are required to take the above Legal Action then the invoices and legal costs associated with that Legal Action will be shown in a separate statement of account and no further invoices will be added to this account.  Invoices issued following the Legal Action will be issued to the current account.  If the invoices on the current account remain unpaid then the above process will be repeated until all invoices are paid in full.

For those clients paying monthly by Standing Order a Statement of Account will be issued once per year detailing all transactions on the account and the final debit or credit balance.  Standing Order payments will be reviewed annually and owners may be asked to increase or decrease their payment accordingly.  In circumstances where an owner refuses to increase their Standing Order payment, or stops making their monthly Standing Order payments, we may close their monthly account and transfer the balance to a quarterly invoice and thereafter issue invoices on a quarterly basis.

At the commencement of management the owners of each flat will deposit with us the sum of £50.00, or such other sum if specifically mentioned in the Deed of Conditions, as a Property Maintenance Float.  If an owner sells their property the float deposit will be refunded after settlement of all outstanding accounts.  When a flat is sold, or where we no longer manage the property, we will aim to issue the final account for the property within 2 months of the date of sale, or the date of cessation of management.  The final account will include an apportionment fee of £50.00 for liaising with solicitors regarding the flat sale and for apportioning the common charges to the date of sale.

If an owner sells their property we will request a retention from the proceeds of the sale from the owner’s solicitor to cover the costs of the final account.  If the solicitor is unable or unwilling to confirm that a retention will be held then the owner will be required to lodge the amount of the retention with our office, and any overpayment will be refunded when the final account is issued.


Enquiries or complaints may be made by telephone, email or in writing.  We aim to answer verbal enquiries as they are received however if there is any information that is not immediately available, or if we are required to contact a third party eg a contractor, then we will telephone the owner back as soon as we have the available information.  The response can also be sent by written communication if requested.  All written enquiries will receive a response within 15 working days of receipt.

If you remain unsatisfied having made a verbal complaint then you must put your complaint in writing or by email.  All written complaints will receive an initial response within 15 working days of receipt to allow for proper investigation.  If the complaint relates to work carried out by a contractor we will liaise with the said contractor to attempt to resolve any issues raised in the complaint.  If your complaint remains unresolved, it will be passed to a member of senior management, who will then investigate it thoroughly and thereafter write to you to outline the final decision regarding your complaint.  If you are still not satisfied you have the right to apply to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) at Glasgow Tribunals Centre, 20 York St, Glasgow G2 8GT.  Full details of our complaints procedure can be found on our website


D & I Scott Property Management has no financial or other interests in the property.


In order to terminate our management of the property you must adhere to the relevant clause in the Deed of Conditions and thereafter submit a written instruction to us giving a minimum of 1 month’s notice which must be signed by the majority of owners at the property.