Property Maintenance
& Repair

Repairs to common areas of the property including the roof, gutters, downpipes, main water pipes and stairway.

This document summarises which repairs are deemed to be “common repairs” and also which type of insurance policy/policies are required for the property.

 We carry out a visual inspection of the property, excluding the roof, attic and any area that is hidden or inaccessible, on an annual basis, subject to access on the day of visit.  Any minor repairs noted at the time of inspection may be instructed at our discretion.  We will instruct a contractor to clean the gutters and inspect the roof area at all properties on an annual basis, except where the majority of owners have indicated that they do not require this service.  If co-owners require a full survey of the property, which will incur an additional cost, we will instruct a surveyor once we have obtained the agreement of the majority of owners at the property.